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Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents FAQs

At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles, California bicycle accident attorneys focus on providing exceptional representation to injury victims throughout Los Angeles County.

Riding safely throughout Los Angeles requires abiding by the rules of the road and focusing on traffic patterns, which is easier said than done in our very busy city. Our committed Los Angeles personal injury lawyers understand that while bicyclists proactively do all they can to stay safe, it is impossible to plan for negligence on our roadways, especially when they are in such a vulnerable position.

To provide our Los Angeles bicyclists with the resources they need to remain safe, to follow are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Traffic Laws Apply to Bicyclists in Los Angeles?

Bicyclists are considered vehicles while traveling throughout Los Angeles and are required to follow the same rules of the road as other motorists, including following all traffic signs and signals.

Which Way Should Los Angeles Bicyclists Ride?

Bicyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic.

How Should Bicyclists Share the Road with Motor Vehicles?

Under circumstances where bicyclists are traveling slower than accompanying traffic, they must ride as close to the right edge of the road as possible, so faster-moving vehicles can pass safely.

Bicyclists may use the full traffic lane when:

  • Riding as fast as other vehicles
  • Passing and overtaking another bicyclist
  • Making a left turn
  • It is necessary to avoid any dangerous or unsafe conditions that jeopardize pedestrian or bicyclist safety

Do Bicycles Always Have to Use Bike Lanes in Los Angeles?

Where bike lanes are present, bicyclists should always use them while traveling.

Can Bicyclists Ride on Side Walks in Los Angeles?

Bicyclists may ride on sidewalks in Los Angeles if they are not willfully disregarding the safety of the people or property located on the walkways.

Certain business districts may prohibit bicycles on sidewalks, so it is important to read the signs in the area where you are riding.

Should Bicyclists Give Way to Pedestrians in Los Angeles?

Like other moving objects, bicyclists should take care not to jeopardize the safety of nearby pedestrians.

Do I Have to Wear a Helmet While Riding a Bicycle in Los Angeles?

Only bicyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear an approved helmet while riding.

Bicyclists over the age of 18 are not required to wear a helmet.

Can I Wear Headphones While Riding a Bicycle in Los Angeles?

Bicyclists are not permitted to cover both of their ears with earbuds, a headset, or any other electronic device that will prevent them from hearing traffic or police and ambulance sirens.

Do Bicyclists Have to Stop at Crosswalks in Los Angeles?

Bicyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals that apply to other vehicles, which means they must stop at crosswalks, which can only be used by pedestrians.

Can I Ride My Bicycle at Night in Los Angeles?

All night-riding bicyclists must have proper lights affixed to their bikes, so other motorists can clearly see them.

If riding at night, the bike must have a white light on the front, which must be visible from 300 meters. The rear of the bike must contain a red flashing light or a solid red reflector that is also visible from 300 meters.

If the bicycle is not outfitted with front and rear reflective tires, the rider must affix a yellow or white reflector on each side of the bike; one on the front center and one on the back center.

Where is the Safest Place to Ride a Bicycle in Los Angeles?

The safest place to ride a bicycle is in a bike lane, or on a designated trail.

If you are looking for other alternatives, search for bike-friendly neighborhoods like Venice, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Ray nearby and enjoy their views safely.

What If I Am Injured in a Bicycle Accident in Los Angeles?

If you have been injured by a negligent driver while riding, contact our bicycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles at the Land Legal Group to schedule a free consultation by calling 310-552-3501. We will outline your accident and the resulting injuries to provide a realistic approach to producing the financial recovery you deserve.