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When Are California Dog Owners Liable for Bite Injuries?

Visitors and guests of dog owners never expect to be bitten while they are socializing with friends and family members, yet 77% of all dog bites are caused by dogs owned by the victim’s relatives and friends.

Our Los Angeles, California personal injury attorneys understand that it is hard to pursue those who are close to are, even after suffering an injury in their home or on their property. That’s why we provide the legal experience our clients need to apply a professional approach to pursuing the financial recovery they deserve without upsetting personal relationships.

Dog bite injuries are one of the more confusing premises liability cases for victims to understand, and at Land Legal Group, we have straight answers for those in need.

How Big Is the Dog Bite Problem in Los Angeles?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that nearly five million dog bites occur each year throughout the United States.

Of that number, over one million people require medical attention ranging from emergency care to extended hospitalization and reconstructive surgeries.

These costly procedures can jeopardize your financial standing, as medical bills begin to mount while you seek treatment.

At Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles County dog bite attorneys know that it is the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure their animal does not cause injury to others.

When a dog bites another person, the owner can be held liable for the cost of the injury as well as any lost wages, and short or long-term disabilities that arise as a result.

What Is the California Dog Bite Statute?

In the State of California, the dog bite statute states that a dog owner is liable for damages if the:

  • Damages were caused specifically by a dog bite
  • Person bitten was in a public place or lawfully in a private place

There is an exemption to the statute, and it applies to those who are bitten while carrying our military or police duties.

Strict liability dog bite laws apply in California, which means the owner cannot escape liability simply by claiming that they had no idea the animal was capable of aggressive behavior.

Even if the dog has never bitten anyone before, the owner is responsible for all damages resulting from a dog bite.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Dog Bite Claim in California?

California’s statute of limitations on personal injury cases — including dog bite injuries — is two years from the date the bite occurs.

Dog bite injuries require quick action to ensure the claim can be developed properly, and that all evidence is secured before moving forward with the case against the dog’s owner.

If you or someone you love were bitten by a dog, contact our California personal injury attorneys at Land Legal Group today to schedule a free consultation by calling (310)552-3501 . We will review your case and develop a unique strategy to pursue the dog’s owner for your physical, emotional, and financial recovery, so you can focus on healing