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Hotel Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

According to Discover Los Angeles, there are more than one thousand hotels in Los Angeles alone, accounting for nearly 100,000 rooms that are located near popular attractions and museums, providing easy access to public transportation.

No matter your hotel preference, whether it is large or small; a luxury resort or a roadside stopover, the hotel owners and operators are required to keep the property well-maintained, clean, and safe while providing a reasonable degree of protection for all visitors and guests.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you or someone you love has been hurt during a hotel accident, the Land Legal Group’s premises liability attorneys in Los Angeles will provide the legal representation you need to hold the liable party accountable for your full financial recovery.

What Are the Most Common Types of Los Angeles Hotel Accident Injuries?

Hotel owners, operators, and managers are expected to take all reasonably possible actions to ensure the premises of the hotel are safe for both visitors and guests.

This duty of care extends to all premises on the hotel’s property, including:  

  • Decks and terraces
  • Fitness areas
  • Guest rooms
  • Hotel-owned shuttle buses and other vehicles
  • Lobbies, waiting, and indoor common areas
  • Meeting and banquet halls
  • Outside grounds, waiting, and common areas
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurants, bars, or nightclubs
  • Stairwells and walkways
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs

Some of the most common premises liability accidents at hotels include:

  • Broken furniture causing serious personal injury
  • Burns from scalding water, in-room appliances, or fires
  • Criminal activity, including assault, robbery or theft when the hotel was negligent in their duty to provide a safe environment
  • Damaged stairs, walkways, and grounds injuries
  • Electrocutions from faulty fixtures inside the rooms, near the pool, or on the grounds
  • Escalator and elevator malfunctions
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Lack of lighting in parking garages and stairwells
  • Negligent security
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents, including near-drownings and drownings
  • Unsanitary conditions, including mold or bed bugs
  • Wrongful death

At the Land Legal Group, our California personal injury lawyers know that negligence exists everywhere — including hotels and resorts in Los Angeles.

If you have been hurt while visiting a hotel with friends or family members or as a guest on the premises, allow our experienced premises liability lawyers to establish your case, so you can pursue the best financial recovery available for your injuries.

What Steps Should I Take After a Los Angeles Hotel Injury Occurs?

After your injury occurs, report the accident to the hotel or resort manager right away and record the names, titles, and contact information of each employee you speak to.

Ask the person in charge to provide you with an accident report and be sure to secure a copy of that paperwork before leaving the premises, but only if your injuries allow a minor delay in receiving medical care.

Do not allow the hotel to make amends for your injuries by upgrading your room or providing additional perks, as this could be viewed as compensation and upend your ability to seek the proper financial recovery going forward.

Be sure to collect any evidence from the scene by taking pictures and recording the names and contact information of any witnesses who were at the scene at the time of your injury.

Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. If you severely injured, have someone call 911 and obtain emergency medical transportation to the nearest hospital. Delaying or refusing medical treatment may seriously undermine your injury claim.

Follow each medical professional’s care instructions for the duration outlined by doctors and nurses. Do not miss any appointments or assume you are okay and stop treatment. This could seriously affect your ability to pursue the hotel and its insurance coverage for your financial recovery.

How Can the Land Legal Group Help Prove My Los Angeles Hotel Accident Injury Claim?

Like other personal injury cases, the liable party and their insurance company are not going to simply hand over a check for your financial recovery needs.

Pursuing a settlement or jury verdict from a liable party — especially large corporate entities like resorts and hotels — requires three elements:

  • One:     The hotel or resort had a duty of care to protect you from harm
  • Two:     The hotel or resort breached its duty by allowing you to be injured on its premises
  • Three:    Your injury resulted in specific and identifiable damages, which can include medical costs, lost wages, and other outlined expenses that you incurred as a result of your injuries

Our premises liability attorneys at the Land Legal Group will obtain copies of your medical requirements, records, and medical bills and expenses to ensure your past, current, and long-term care are included in our injury claim.

If you have missed work or are unable to return to work in your previous capacity, or at all, we will outline you lost income and any potential earnings for the insurance company to review and include in the overall recovery amount.

We will leave no detail to chance to ensure your injuries and the financial recovery required because of the hotel or resort’s negligence is fully covered in our claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company, so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery while we handle your case inside or outside the courtroom to produce results.

If you have been hurt while you were a visitor or guest at a California hotel or resort, contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at the Land Legal Group today by calling 310-552-3501 to discuss your case and learn about how our lawyers create customized solutions for each of our client’s unique injury needs.