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Shown & Proved Skill & Poise. Family Man & Exceptional Family Law Attorney.

Regarding child custody matters it goes without saying that the legal system is bias in favor of the mother. There are obvious handicaps for a father to overcome in custody situations. At the start of any custody battle these unfair advantages can make for a hard fight on behalf of the Father and his attorney. That being said, from the very beginning of my case and even before, Joseph Land has fought with such passion for my son and I.

I was being stifled in my efforts to allow the system trust and due process. Given the benefit of the doubt my son’s mother was able to take advantage of the system . As a result of this there were specific incidents allowed to transpire that were very difficult to maneuver through and very disappointing. Immediately after a brief phone consultation with Joe I encountered one of these incidents. Caught off guard and bewildered I truly had no savviness for the situation. I called Joe right back and he rallied behind me and guided me through a very critical moment until it reached dissolution. I believe that with the way Joe asserted himself I achieved the best possible outcome. And this was without being compensated yet or having even met him. At that moment I was convinced that Joe was the type of guy I wanted by my side.

Joseph Land restored my confidence and moral and has help sustain it throughout my custody proceedings. Joe has a cool and confident demeanor that evokes a sense of calm and poise. He not only leveled the playing field for me but even tipped the scales back into my favor. He is the type of guy you need to overcome the shortcomings in the system that are a detriment to the father of a child. With his skill and expertise he has shown and proved again and again why he is so compelled and talented in the work that he does.

I would insist that any father on the verge of a custody situation to please not hesitate to employ Joseph Land. I would encourage any mother or any party involved in any custody situation to at least meet with Joe and strongly consider his representation. I would highly recommend his services for any family law or general legal matter period.

My man Joe Land stepped in and saved the day for my son and I. I would bet he could do the same for you. A parent’s number one priority is protecting their child and I will forever be gracious to Joseph for how he stood by me and battled for me in protecting my own. Joe’s motto is protecting what matters most and it is evident that he lives by this.

Shown & Proved Skill & Poise. Family Man & Exceptional Family Law Attorney.Child Custody client